Day 3: Google, whisky, and Darren ❤️

Day 3 is in the books, and honestly I am more tired than ever. My feet are very swollen and my nap today was the best thing since sliced bread. We started the day very early with a tour of a whisky factory, Pearse Lyons. We had a guided tour of the graveyard and thechurch (where the distillery was located inside). The inside of the church was extravagant. After the distillery tour we took the dart (a transportation vehicle in Dublin), to the Dublin Docklinds. This is a very modern, up in coming area where most major businesses have started to build up their companies. Darren, from CAPA, took us on a walking tour around the Docklinds. He spoke to us about the economics behind Dublin becoming such a popular city to bring businesses to. My favorite tour of the day, Google, came after Darren’s tour. Some of the employees took time out of their day to show us around the Google headquarters in the Docklinds. This is a tour I will remember for years to come! I was flabbergasted by the fact that the building had a gym, doctor, dentist, spa, and a bank, all in one building. If I was an employee there, I would never find a need to go home! I also noticed that almost every employee I saw was extremely young, and no one seemed stress. I think this shows a lot about a company. Google provides many amenities to their employees which allows the employees to relieve stress nearly anytime. The inside of the building was very modern and had a lot of colors inside. Google seems like a company that anyone would be lucky to work for, which is why about 1% of applicants actually get a job offer. Google is one of the most competitive companies in all of the world to work for. That is all for today! Stay tuned for information on Croke Park tomorrow! ⚽️🏈c%xMMbweRqqGDGvGVYPMfQ.jpgfRa%gP2OTve9ZMFz9fjGWA.jpgzW6n+qUUTya8qEEi%ElKkQ.jpgfullsizeoutput_1cf6.jpeg

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