Day 7: Free Time → Empty Wallets

The day started out okay, everything was fine and we got to the train station, made it on the very packed train. This was the problem though because there was an idea to try and get on to another car, which would have also been packed, but miscommunication struck and we didn’t understand that’s what was supposed to happen. So basically 18 out of 23 people got off the train and didn’t get back on, best part was Sonja had all of the tickets and was part of the five still on the train. It was honestly slightly entertaining but still a little concerning as to how everything was supposed to work out.


The 18 of us stranded at a random train station

We figured it all out and met back up with the other group. The Munich train station was really big and fairly nice too. Once we got off though there was a little confusion as to where we were going from there, but again all was well and we met up with our tour guide (a little late however, due to the train fiasco).

The tour around Munich was interesting and nice to explore around the city prior to being let loose in it for a couple hours. So far on this trip when we’ve toured things we’ve been really lucky with our guides since they’ve all been so nice and interesting!


After the tour, it was our chance to see the city for ourselves. Basically everyone in the group got lunch together and where else but the Hofbräuhaus in Munich! The food was so good, but what made it great was the atmosphere in general! After lunch, with our full stomachs, we decided to get some ice cream because when have we not had the space for ice cream on this trip!

Food at Hofbräuhaus!

Next, we made our way to the market. It had several different shops that I wanted to look at since we briefly saw it on our tour. Specifically one of the ones I wanted to go into was a honey shop because one of my sisters loves honey and I thought that’d be a perfect gift for her! I went in and then realized I didn’t know what the flavors were, so I was translating so many of them on my phone. After all that, I ended up getting the orange honey one, which in German is ‘Orange’ so I never needed to translate all the others :/ I learned some new flavors though.

After a few minutes shopping in the market as a group, several of us decided to go off shopping in other stores around the city. There were a couple people who wanted Birkenstocks, something I never had really been interested in buying for myself. After 30 minutes of waiting for the others to try on their shoes, I found a pair I liked and ended up caving and bought a pair for myself. So with €85 ($100) gone from my wallet, it was time to head back to Marienplatz, the main plaza in the city center, for our group pre-dinner meet up.


We got there a little early so we had some spare time to explore a ‘little’ shop Arielle told us about. We walked into the doors, thinking it was a small little chocolate shop, but it turned out to be a large indoor market type of shop. There were things there from fish, meats and cheeses to desserts and other treats. Everything looked so good! Luckily dinner was soon so my growing hunger from entering that store would be relieved soon. Not soon enough though, as the walk to dinner was 20 minutes away.

That walk was worth it though. We had burgers and they were delicious! I had a burger with avocado spread and that just made the whole thing even better! The restaurant was pretty cool because there were trees inside. There was also a bathroom incident because the signs weren’t in German, but in Bavarian German, which is different. Luckily, I saw Liam walk out of the Men’s room so I knew to keep going, even though I was initially confused. I found out later though that a couple guys went into the Ladies room because it started with an ‘M’ but they realized their mistake, one guy, however didn’t and accidentally used it!

After dinner, we headed back to the train station. It was a nice and relaxing walk back, with it being around sunset. It was relaxing until we actually got to the train station though. I was near the back of the pack and all of sudden several people in the group started running, without warning (keeping in mind our train wasn’t scheduled for another 30 minutes). You would think others would join, but about five of us hadn’t realized until Liv said “uh guys, don’t you think if everyone else is running we should too?” We then looked at each other and didn’t say anything but just started running after them. We made it to the platform and then the door started beeping, me being the last one and not on the train yet. All of a sudden I got yanked on by Arielle, right before the doors closed, so it was a close call and good thing she did! We later found out that we made it on an earlier train so we wouldn’t have to wait an extra half an hour.

The train was packed again on the way back and most of us had to stand, but about halfway through the ride Eric and I got seats, which was nice, especially on my knee!



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