Discovering Gringolandia


Since Monteverde’s founding, it’s been a wonderland of life and darkness. The life sprawls within the town from its people, but also the forest where hundreds of species of plants and animals thrive. The darkness is found by the sad reality that some animals are dying out from climate change and environmental destruction in the past. In Monteverde, many initiatives have been put in place to preserve the landscape and regrow some of the land that was originally destroyed. The work done by Don Guillermo and Don Ricardo have helped the town over time because of their long lasting effects and teachings. Many Ticos in the area know and practice what they taught regarding environmental sustainability.

In Monteverde, I saw many touristy attractions compared to Heredia and San Jose. It seemed like the town was focused on tourism. With all these visitors, the town has a unique opportunity to spread awareness about environmental sustainability. I believe that this shift is a positive one because of the impact of their message. With all these people coming from different places hearing about how climate change is destroying a town and it’s animals, it is very had to just ignore it. Costa Rica’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2021 is an example of how the country is trying to set an example. They’re trying to show that it’s possible to do the best for not only your people but for the environment and the future success of the country. The work that the Quakers and Life Monteverde have done is being helped by all of these extra visitors. They are able to spread the message to their home lands from what they’re taught there.

All of the extra tourists have changed the town in some regards. In some sense it’s good because of everything I mentioned before, but it’s also not the best thing because it’s pulling away from the Tico and Quaker roots of the town. Many places in the town and the resort we stayed at were “Americanized”. This is not the best for the Ticos.

Overall, I believe the shift is positive because they increased awareness of environmental sustainability, which is much more important than “Americanizing” part of the town.

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