Follow Suit

Today was a long day. We left Verona and had several site visits on our way back to Milan. Our first stop was the Verona Fashion Consortium, specifically the Logistics Center. At the Logistics Center, they focus on connecting the online component to the physical component of the company. In Italian culture, online shopping is not a huge thing the way it is in America. This company seeks to encourage the online element while still preserving the physical one.


After visiting the Logistics Center, we walked down the road to visit a tailoring company. I really enjoyed this company visit because my dad recently ordered a suit. It made it easier for me to be engaged during the visit considering I had a personal connection of sorts. It was also cool to be able to see the production and connect it to other companies we have visited. Again, it helped with being engaged. This specific company works for their own brand as well as for designers. They also provided us with snacks after the visit, which was extremely kind of them. I was able to taste the original Fanta. From there we went to lunch where my quest for tiramisu was fulfilled. I actually ate two because my friend couldn’t eat hers.


The final company visit of the day was at the MF1 or Mario Faroni Knitwear Factory. I definitely enjoyed this visit the most. This was the company my group researched prior to departing for Italy. There is not a lot of information about the company online, so I had been looking forward to this visit. The production of the knitwear starts with a designer sending their ideas to the programmers. Once the programmers put the design onto the computer, with some necessary differences, the pattern is sent to the knitting machines. More steps including combining pieces, washing, and ironing occur before the final product is ready to be shipped out.


Mario Faroni also has his own brand. One line is called Male to Female because the clothes are reversible and are designed for either gender. We were also able to see the archive of all the clothes previously made organized by color. To end the visit, we saw where their Knitwear Academy will be opening in September. Afterwards, we climbed back on the bus and I promptly passed out for the entire ride back to Milan.

Tomorrow, we have, you guessed it, another walking tour. I believe we also have a visit somewhere. Stay tuned to find out if there is indeed a visit and if so, where it is. Ciao!

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