Don’t touch the sheep 🚫🐑🚫

Today we had an amazing journey to the countryside again! The countryside is my absolute favorite part of Dublin because it is so green and so naturally beautiful. We were fortunate enough to walk through Kilkenny and see an amazing castle and cathedral. The streets of Kilkenny were full of little shops and many tourists. The cathedral had a tower that you could climb up to get a better view of Kilkenny. The ladders for the tower were very narrow and quite frankly, kind of scary. We were then able to walk around the Wicklow mountains and take pictures. There were 2 lakes we could walk by to relax and enjoy the impeccable view. Finally we were able to go to a sheep farm to watch the sheep dog round them up. The only downside was we could not pet any of them, and being a total animal lover made this extremely hard for me. It was a day full of beauty and fun. Things like this are why Ireland attracts so many tourists. The absolutely natural beauty the country has to offer is something you cannot build up now, it comes with history. The country has an incredible history with a lot of architecture that has not been altered to be “new” or “revamped” like a lot of places have done.

On the other hand, Ireland may have trouble attracting tourists because of their weather, prices, or difficult easy travel. Ireland is known for its rain and cold weather, while we have yet to really see this weather in full effect, I’m sure if I come back to visit I will see it. The prices of goods and services in Ireland can be a bit pricey. I have spent more money than I would have liked, and if I was staying here any longer, I don’t think I would come home with any money. Finally, while Ireland is a small country and traveling across the country is easy, it may be hard at the same time. Because Ireland has so much farm lands, it may be hard to find places to stay in the more rural areas. If someone wants to do a day trip like we did, they may not be able to stay somewhere as long as they like, and they would most likely have to rent or join a bus tour.

Overall, I would recommend traveling to Ireland to anyone and everyone. The beautiful city is full of history, amazing architecture, and kind locals.

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