Presentations: A Necessary Evil

Though I have made improvements over the course of my college career, public speaking and giving presentations has always been extremely difficult for me. I am a naturally reserved person, so when I have to speak in front of a group of people I always get very nervous, even if I am comfortable around the people I am speaking to. For instance, when giving the final group presentation on our Plus3 trip, I was still extremely nervous even though I felt comfortable with everyone in the room especially after spending two weeks together. For some reason, when I get in front of a group of people, I tend to start stuttering or forget what I’m going to say which causes me to get flustered and embarrassed.

I have had lots of opportunity to practice my presenting skills in my classes, but I feel like it is just one of those things that I’ll never really be great at. I think it is just a natural reaction for me to get nervous, no matter how much I prepare or how knowledgeable I am about the subject matter. I wish I were naturally good at public speaking, or that I felt comfortable being in front of groups of people, but I’ve accepted the fact that not everyone has those capabilities.

Going forward I know I will have to keep giving presentations in school and in the workplace, so I will continue to keep practicing and try to be as comfortable as possible with the material I’m presenting so that it’s not as difficult for me to speak about it. I enjoy having conversations in smaller groups and sharing knowledge in a way that doesn’t demand attention to me from more than a handful of people, which is good for the workplace and collaborating with smaller teams.

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