Kris Who? How One Man Singlehandedly Runs The Advertising Industry

After a few days traveling around in China, I noticed that on almost every billboard, the same guy would appear advertising a product. At first, most of the billboards were for the same tech company, Xiaomi, but just in different colors.

But overtime, I noticed that this guy advertised EVERYTHING! From phones, to ice cream, to McDonalds, to drinks, and perfumes, most of which didn’t even need a celeb to advertise. This guy was running a monopoly! After lots of asking around, I found out who his name: Kris Wu!

In general, there is no limit to the number of things one celebrity can endorse but this guy was really doing the most! Even though celebrities have many endorsements, you can’t count on seeing a specific celebrity everywhere doing everything. I also found it odd that phone companies used celebrities to advertise their gadgets. In the US, the phones sell themselves and ordinary people are featured in the ads. Through a little research online, I learned that it was very common in China for pop stars to advertise electronics.

I started taking pictures every time I saw him advertising products because I was fascinated, Oh and he is beautiful. I would just stop randomly and hold up whoever I was walking with to get a pic.

I also noticed that Kris had a close second, a little shadow if I may, who also appeared frequently. I never discovered the shadow’s name but he was also everywhere! If it wasn’t Kris, it was him. They also advertised similar, rival products like Xiaomi vs Vivo.

Here are some pictures of Kris and his alleged rival:

Xiaomi vs Vivo

McDonalds vs KFC


And some more



I can’t blame the companies for using them though because they’ve got the looks! And they definitely got me to stop and take a picture each time I passed by. Noticing this was exciting and I couldn’t wait to see what next they would advertise whenever I went out. Now I’m left to stalking Kris on social media and that’ll have to do.




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  1. Melissa R says:

    Haha, I’m not sure if you know or not, but the “second guy” is Lu Han, and he was once a bandmate with Kris Wu in EXO, they were very close friends!

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