Meet Plus3 Argentina 2019!

Welcome to the Argentina Plus3 Study Abroad Program!

Join us as we travel to Buenos Aires to explore the healthcare industry. Through site visits and cultural immersion, students will have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. 

The core academic portion of this program will focus on various areas of the healthcare industry, from hospital professionals to non profit organizations. Q&A sessions and tours will begin conversations about meaningful and universally applicable topics that impact the lives of individuals every day. Additionally, students will be exposed to the intersection of health and business, along with the various mechanics within that intersection.

In 2019, students will explore the healthcare management industry in Argentina.

This program will provide you with first-hand knowledge of the impacts of globalization on healthcare in a middle-income country. You will focus first on understanding major themes in global healthcare, such as global burden of disease, determinants of health, food security, and health and economic inequality. Background on Argentina’s history and politics with provide you with a foundation to use during your site visits within the healthcare industry and Q&A sessions with industry stakeholders. By the end of this you will have an understanding of the mechanisms of delivering, financing, and managing healthcare in Argentina. 

  • Site visits may include: Universidad Austral, Hospital Universitario Austral, a healthcare related NGO, and both public and private hospitals
  • Cultural activities may include: Hop-on hop-off tour of Buenos Aires, a tango show, visit to an Estancia, Plaza de Mayo, and ESMA museum.
  • Locations will include Buenos Aires

Meet the Plus3 Argentina Student Bloggers

2019 Participants

Thomas CaminoHongyou Chen | Giulianna Claricurzio | Jenna Clarin | Nicasio Defay | Loren Fernandes | Lysia Gehris | Dominic Haight | Daria Hatter | Minori Hayakawa | Samantha Hovis | Justine Mamrol | Alexandra McCurdy | Elgin Meadors | Sarayu Sivaram | Alexandria Staman | Brendan Sweeney | Savannah Toddes | Alexandra Tolassi | Shannon Wischerath

Meet the Program Staff

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Dr. Grant R. Martsolf


School of Nursing

315B Victoria Building

3500 Victoria Street

Phone: (412)383-3245


Bradley Miner

International Programs Coordinator

College of Business Administration

2107 Sennott Square

Phone: (412) 383-7136


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