Servus, Team Augsburg!

Hi! My name’s Ravi Gandhi, and I’m a first-year student at the Swanson School of Engineering seeking to do a double major in Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering. I am from Old Bridge, New Jersey – about an hour away from New York City and a ten-minute drive to the beach. My family and I have also lived in Cupertino, California when I was in elementary school. I dedicated the summer before my freshman year to a political campaign team where I did tons of activism and outreach, working as a finance intern who managed a majority of the events and then a field fellow who recruited and organized dozens of volunteers. During my freshman year at Pitt, I continued some of my political work through the Student Government Board, hosting and managing several events for the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (of which I’ll be chair next year!). I also entered the land of innovation, participating in the Randall Family Big Idea Competition where I spent six intense weeks developing a medical product and a business around it – making it to finals and being the only freshman team in the past 11 years to do so. I continued my work in innovation through a Capstone Project for my design thinking and systems engineering class and have filed for two patents, which I hope to launch a business with after the study abroad program!

When I first explored the study abroad programs offered by Pitt, the Plus 3 program seemed like a great choice because of the interdisciplinary experience it offers. As an engineering student spending a majority of my time at Benedum Hall, I am excited to get an opportunity to meet and work with students from the College of Business and Administration. I chose the Germany program because I want to learn more about its business practices and manufacturing ideas. Germany is well respected for its innovation and its cutting edge technology especially in the automobile industry. I have always wanted to learn more about product design and marketing and am curious to learn about how companies like Audi continue to remain an industry leader despite the growing competition.

Equally as important, I can’t wait to immerse myself in the German culture. I’ve never been to Europe, and I can’t wait to experience the ways that customs and culture differ from those of America and Asia (a place I’ve visited several times). I’m especially looking forward to the food since my mouth waters when I see pictures and I’m excited to visit all the places with deeply rooted history. I can’t wait for May 4th when I’ll finally visit all the awesome people at the University of Augsburg and be in Germany!

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