SUPREME™️ Nation

We have seen plenty of amazing tourist sites in Seoul and other people would have probably wrote a lot about it already so I would rather shift the focus of my Monday blog post away from Insa-dong, the mesmerizing Gyeongbokgung Palace, the breath-taking Bukchon-ro, etc. to Namdaemun market—specifically the unreal numbers of knock-off Supreme products—anything from carefully crafted fake garment to an unbelievable Supreme money gun. This blog post will be about this topic specifically because it was definitely among one of the “wackiest” phenomena I’ve seen in Korea.

The bus dropped us off at Sungnyemun and our tour guide Rob announced that we were going to have a full hour and a half of free time to roam around the market. However, it took us less than 5 seconds to walk into the first vendor with a variety of Supreme sweatshirts, tees, wallets, bags, etc. A quick glance down the alley towards the market gave us a sense of what we’re walking into: the Supreme Nation.

I decided that it would be a brilliant idea for me to document this Supreme phenomenon I got to see here, so I started taking pictures. As I ventured around the market, I did not just see the regular Supreme products, I saw more.

Supreme undergarments that come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Supreme fans that come in four finishes—white, black, red, and ocean blue. A set of Supreme grooming products. Slippers that spelled Supreme “Super.” Supreme suitcases that looked and felt cheap. Supreme baseball caps alongside New York Yankees caps. Supreme phone cases, mugs, tumblers, and packing tape. A Supreme money gun that comes with a fat stack of Supreme cash. And, finally bundles of Supreme seaweed that was absolutely unbeatable. 

I have never been so amused.

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