An adventure in the Cu Chi tunnels

We started our day once again by enjoying a great breakfast at the hotel. I am a huge coffee fan and have been absolutely loving the coffee here as they used condensed milk as their creamer. This tactic is something that I am for sure bringing back to the U.S. with me. We finished breakfast and got on the bus for a two-hour ride to the Cu Chi tunnels where we would do a tour of the tunnels that the Viet Cong used to sneak around the battlefield and ultimately defeat the American forces. A tour guide rode the bus with us and would periodically give us information about what we were going to see on our tour, and facts about the war itself as we rode. One interesting I learned was the Viet Cong didn’t only use the tunnels to hide from enemy troops, they also would live there with families and do everyday chores such as cooking inside the tunnels. We arrived at the tour location, and eventually was shown a quick video on the Vietnam war and the use of the tunnels. It was very strange seeing the portrayal of the Vietnam war from the other side and how the Viet Cong were being praised for their duties just as the U.S. does with our war heroes. Although I was a little taken aback, I am glad to have that experience and realize that all wars are two sided. We finished the video and moved on to the part of the tour where we could see the tunnels first hand. The tunnels were surprisingly well made and smooth on the inside considering they were made with strictly handheld tools. Also, I was surprised at how sturdy the tunnels were after so many years. We kept moving and were shown things such as the traps that the Viet Cong had built to kill enemy soldiers, and the weapons that they used and stole from fallen American soldiers and equipment. A lot of Viet Cong ate tapioca everyday as it was easy and sustainable, so we were given some to try (it tasted like a potato). After we finished our tour, we ate lunch and moved on to a art workshop where people who were effected by agent orange during the war are able to express their artistic abilities and make beautiful paintings. They use egg shells and intricately create these beautiful paintings and murals that I have never seen before. Today was very eye opening and I will never forget this day at the Cu Chi Tunnels.

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