Day 3: Big Alps People

After getting a great night of sleep, it was time to make our first company visit of the trip at Hirschvogel Automotive Group. Hirschvogel is a manufacturing company who makes a lot of different supplies for automotive vehicles. For breakfast, I only had a couple of hard boiled eggs and was ready to go. Hircshvogel’s presentation was very informative to me and very interesting. For instance, they are the main supplier of Tesla and our presenter Hans told us the story about how they asked for an egregious amount of automotive parts in such a short amount of time to be produced. Nevertheless, they were somehow able to pull it off.

What I found different about Hirschvogel from your typical American workplace was that they rewarded criticism and skepticism from their employees. For example, ideas such as moving a desk somewhere else for more productivity may result in a reward of up to 10 euros for an employee. This is something you typically do not see in your average American company, but I think it is something that definitely could and should be implemented.

As we toured the Hirschvogel factory, we went through how the company produces all of their products through their forging processes such as cold, warm, and hot forging. Although I did not know how these processes truly worked due to my lack of engineering experience, I thought Hirschvogel was a very interesting company that definitely has the capability to grow to the even bigger company since they are supplying to the cars of the future like the Teslas and the Audi e-tron models.

After our visit to Hirschvogel, we made a trip to the small town of Oberammergau located near the Alps of Germany. In this small town, we received some free time to do some shopping or check out some of the beautiful sites of Oberammergau. During my free time, I visited a typical German café where I had an espresso shot and some typical German bread. What I like about these German cafés compared to your average coffee shops was that the menu was much more limited, so you were not hung up on the hundreds of other choices to have. I also spent my free time in the town of Oberammergau by buying tee shirts for my friends and family back home.

After our free time was over, we took a gondola up a mountain for one of the best views I have ever seen. Although heights are usually an issue for me, these captivating views took me out of reality and I was just mesmerized by the endless views of peaks, trees and other little German villages from so high up in the mountains.

After taking pictures of up on the mountain for what felt like hours, we finally made it back to Augsburg and had our own decision about dinner today. I went with Brett, Frank, and Reid to Murdoch’s Irish Pub where I had a great meal of fish and chips. Which tasted just like the fish and chips I have had in Ireland. After dinner, it was time to hit the hay after doing a little bit more research on SGL.

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