Day 7: Munich lives up to the hype

Today we ventured to Munich. I finally got to see one of Germany’s most famous and popular cities.  We arrived our station and all piled into the train. Unfortunately the train was somewhat crowded so we had to split up. I was lucky enough to get a seat on the train but I gave it up for a little child. I relocated near the bathroom and that’s when I discovered their bathroom was actually really nice. There was a button to press to have the bathroom open and close and it was pretty big considering we were on a train. Station after station the train got more crowded and it was a challenge not to lose balance, but fortunately I was able to keep myself from falling until we reached our location (the last stop on the train).

I was expecting it to be New York City like but to my surprise and delight it was not. I thought as soon as we would get there we would be bombarded with bright lights and very loud noise. While Munich did have a lot of shops it was amazingly quiet.

One of our first stops on our tour consisted of a market which including many fruits, cheeses, and flowers. The guide told us it was more on the expensive side but people still bought from here because they knew the quality was high. After experiencing the market we were taken to the famous Hofbrauhaus. I was excited about this part because one of my friends back home who visited Germany told me that I must go there on my trip. I really enjoyed it seeing rows and rows of packed tables with a live traditional German band playing music. Afterwards the guide took us to a building that was painted to look 3D but was actually 2D. I then noticed a lot of people touching the nose of this lion statue and as soon as I was trying to figure it out our guide explained to us the history behind that statue. People rub the nose for good luck! The story goes that a brave man wrote a letter to the king criticizing him for being distracted and not doing his duty. Instead of punishing him, the king rewarded the man with riches as a thanks for being honest.

Luckily we were given four and a half hours of free time to explore this great city. First I went back to the Hofbrauhaus to enjoy some of their food. Again I wanted schnitzel and this lady came over to us selling pretzels so I had to buy one for the experience. While at the Hofbrauhaus a bunch of 30ish year old men seemed to be on a bachelor party. This was fun to watch. They started singing. At some points the Hofbrauhaus would be really loud and full of excitement as others started to join them. This is something I definitely have never seen back home. Later I climbed up the tower of St. Peter (which was around 300 steps) to get a look over the whole city. Then we went to a park where people were surfing. This was especially neat to me as I have surfed before and could appreciate the difficulty of the sport. One person would go at a time and after they fell off their board another would immediately jump into the river. One guy in particular was really good and would jump off the board and still keep his balance and do many other tricks. Afterwards I wanted to go souvenir shopping for my mom and sister as Mother’s Day is coming up and so is my sister’s birthday. After struggling for some bit to find the right shop I was able to pick out some gifts for them. At the group’s meeting point there was a pro-life and pro-choice protest which was interesting for me to see as I have never really seen or been part of any kind of political rally.

I got a cheeseburger and shared fries with some others at my table for dinner. I checked my heath app on my phone and saw I walked over 10 miles! I was exhausted on the train back and fell asleep for a little while. At night I was finally able to catch up on Game of Thrones  and then I fell asleep for the night after an incredibly jam packed day.  

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