May 11: Next Stop, GyeongjuWorld

Today, we spent the bulk of our morning traveling from Seoul to Gyeongju. We made a few stops in order to eat lunch. Mine, for example, consisted of tasty chicken skewers and (Korean name), or walnut balls. It is essentially fried treat filled with walnuts and red bean filling, which tastes delicious! Gyeongju is a very different city from Seoul, as it is much quieter and filled with more greenery. From my window in the hotel, there is a great view of a river on which people can rent swan boats and ride for some given time. There is also an amusement park in the backyard of the hotel, visible from my window. This was very exciting for us, so together a group of us went to the amusement park called GyeongjuWorld. It had been a very long time since I have been on a rollercoaster, so I was excited to try the rides they have here in Korea. We went on one rollercoaster and many other smaller rides that they offer. Some of the rides were familiar, such as the oscillating ship ride, but others were completely new to me. For example, one of them was oscillating like the ship while also spinning. There was also a seesaw at the park, which was extremely fun to ride especially since I am unsure when the last time I rode a seesaw. Luckily, I was not nauseous after going on all of these rides. From the ferris wheel, I was able to see a beautiful view of the city and all of its rides. It was especially nice at night because of all the LEDs that were flashing throughout the park and in the city itself. At the park, I bought some cotton candy that was perfectly shaped like a bunny. The artists at the park do a great job perfecting the shape of the cotton candy, as it was cleanly done without any stray cotton candy sticking out. Most importantly, it was a very satisfying snack! It was the best way to end the day and prepare for a busy day ahead.

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