All About Bananas

The Dole banana plantation is very concerned with health, safety and sustainability. One of their main concerns is for the fruit. Due to the monoculture of the banana, disease and fungus are on of their main concerns with the fruit’s health. The monoculture could mean that a singular disease could destroy an entire field of crop, and can be spread very easily. To protect the crop from the possibility of disease when anyone enters the plantation, they must first wash off the bottom of their feet and then walk through an iodine solution, which further sanitizes the shoes. They also check before going in if you have been to any of the countries where a recent and destructive banana disease has been spreading. If you have been to any of those countries there were extra precautionary measures that would have to be take. This is to make sure that no disease gets spread to these banana plants, as it would be very dangerous.

To protect the community from possible diseases that could be caused by the bananas, as well as to protect the bananas your hands and shoes must also be washed when entering the packaging part of the plantation. Hairnets must also be warm and all jewelry must be taken off. This is to make sure that during the packaging process, nothing contaminates the packages of bananas so that they are shipped in a safe and health manner. All of the bananas are washed and separated for quality control, so those bananas that are not as good are thrown on to a conveyer belt and used in another manners. These bad bananas can be used in natural fertilizers, so they are not wasted.

Another sustainability effort they are making is to filter and reuse the water they use for the washing process. They are able to run the water through a filtration system so it removes the dirt and other impurity from the water using chlorination. This means that they do not have to use more water for all the filtration they do, they are able to save water by reusing it. This is a very sustainable process which is important to them and also important to the country.

If I were a plantation worker, I think I would want to work at a banana plantation. I personally like bananas more than coffee so I think I would enjoy working with bananas more. I also do not think I would like to have to hand pick all of the coffee cherries, it would be much more efficient to use a machete to cut the banana bunch down. I feel like I would be doing more work and be more productive as I would be able to collect more bananas at a time than having to hand pick all of the coffee cherries.

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