Tango Tuesday

Today we had a lot of fun getting to see the Tigre children’s care unit at Conin and also getting private Tango lessons. Our day started with a bus ride to Conin, where we were greeted by the children and their mothers at the local children’s health center. While there we were able to take a tour of the facility. Despite the tough area, the Conin health center was running without issue based strictly off of donations. The best part about being there was getting the opportunity to volunteer and help the mothers and their children. We presented them with the encouraging posters we had made for them last week and we also organized supplies such as clothes and got the chance to play with the kids. It was a very rewarding and enjoyable time at Conin, especially when seeing how appreciative the people there were. After our trip to Conin and some lunch, we had a private tango lesson. The lesson was held in a tango club that was very vintage and old but the environment was spectacular. The lesson went very well and the instructors had applauded us for our improvements. The lesson concluded with a performance by our instructors and it was a spectacular way to end the day.

From the past two days in Tigre we were able to see a large variety in distribution of wealth. We saw mansions and yachts along the river, but today at Conin a majority of the children were starving or did not have enough clothes. This sort of inequality seen is not good for any region or city for obvious reasons. The wealth of people in Tigre could be dispersed a little more appropriately. The inequality should not completely vanish, but at least to the point where everyone is able to live and get by comfortably. If some are able to do this more than others, that is not a problem, but in Tigre there were the very wealthy and the insanely poor. This sort of inequality can not be good for Tigre’s future either. The younger population we saw today is the future of Tigre, and if they grow up malnourished and weak they will not be able to fully develop . Inequality in Tigre can definitely be tolerable, but after seeing the Conin center today a course of action must be taken to assure all live comfortably in the area. A main cause of this inequality in the Tigre area could very well be globalization.

Globalization can hurt and also benefit the people of Tigre. Globalization can create and sustain inequality in places like Tigre when only specific groups have access to new materials, technology and information. For example if any of these require paying more, most of Tigre’s citizens will not be able to afford it and inequality grows because there is a bigger gap in terms of resource efficiency between those who can and can’t afford new technology. Globalization can sustain inequality in the Tigre when technology or services can be given to all citizens but the wealthy citizens have easier access. This sustains inequality in the sense that everyone has the same technology, but nothing has been done about getting the poor easier access to it. We see that globalization can actually be beneficial to a community and decrease inequality in the circumstances of getting all citizens the same access to treatment and technology and giving the poorer citizens a lower and affordable price. If the poor is able to afford this new technology or treatments, the gap between resources for the rich and poor shrinks as both are privy to the same technology creating more equality.

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