5/4/2019-5/5/2019- Are We There Yet?

Sitting. That pretty much sums up the “first” day of Plus3 Korea. On the bus, in the terminal, or on the plane: you name it.  All in all, from departing Pitt to arriving at our hotel in Seoul, I count about 24 hours of travel, and about 22 of those were spent sitting down. Nevertheless, I’m more than confident it will all be worth it to ensure we arrive at our breathtaking destination safely and with minimal hiccups. There are also other implicit benefits to a day like this. For example, I got to master every game available on American Airlines’ entertainment system and watch a grand total of 6 movies, (including one documentary of course—this is an educational trip after all). In addition, thanks to the wonders of satellite technology, I got to take in a thrilling overtime victory for the Rockets live, in addition to a great game between Bundesliga squads Werder Bremen and Borussia Dortmund. Overall, I can’t complain whatsoever about the flight. When I found out it was going to be an economy class seat on an American Air flight for 14 straight hours, I was a bit apprehensive. However, my fears turned out to be unfounded, as I had reasonable legroom, great entertainment options and food that was not quite restaurant quality but still exceeded my expectations. Another thing that helped the day go smoothly was the excellent organization, planning, and punctuality of not only my fellow students, but Dr. Yun, Dr. Clarke, and all the Study Abroad staff members that helped make sure every worry was taken care of and everyone was accounted for every step of the journey. So now at long last, we have touched down at beautiful Seoul Incheon International Airport. There are few better experiences than stretching out on a comfortable bed after being cooped up on planes all day, and this is certainly no exception. Time to relax, unwind, and get excited for the countless adventures the next two weeks have in store for me!

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