Day 10: A Day in Venice

Day 10 here in Italy was a day trip to Venice! Venice is a super unique city that was man made. There are no cars and few bikes; instead, people either walk or ride on boats through the canals. It’s kind of crazy to think that the residents of Venice still live that way while so many other similar areas rely on cars. To get to Venice, we took the nicest train for about an hour. We we arrived, we hopped on a water taxi since there are no cars. I really enjoyed our ride on the water taxi! We were able to see beautiful views of the city from the boat and simply have fun on the ride. 

Once our water taxi dropped us off, we boarded our next boat: a gondola! There were tons of gondolas in the water, taking people on relaxing rides through the canals. I still don’t know how they didn’t all run into each other! Anyway, we split into smaller groups so we could all fit comfortably on the gondolas and enjoy the ride. It was so peaceful and cool all at the same time. I loved getting to experience the city from the perspective offered by the gondola. 

Near the end of the gondola ride, some people on my boat were getting very wet from water getting on their seats. In efforts to avoid the water, someone started to move seats. Instead of escaping the water, our whole gondola tilted and nearly capsized! Luckily, it did not flip over, and no one fell off. The man driving the gondola was not very happy about the situation and did not seem to think it was as funny as we did! We were able to make it back to the shore with no one going overboard, so that counts as a success in my books.

The closest we got to water for the rest of the day was walking over the bridges, which is probably for the best. We took a walking tour of Venice where we were able to see the different streets and areas of the city. Everything was so beautiful and unique. I loved just getting to  walk around and see the different buildings and canals. While Venice itself may have been great, the weather was less so. It was chilly and extremely windy, weather which lots of people and I did not necessarily dress for. We still had a great time seeing what Venice had to offer and exploring the streets. I loved the charm of the canals and how different it was from anywhere else I’ve ever been. I’m so glad we took a day trip there to explore!

Canal in Venice from the gondola ride

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