Day 11: Beautiful La Boca

I cannot believe it is already day 11! We spent the morning attending a lecture from Exequiel Banga, the co-founder of the startup Codika. Codika works to apply new technology to healthcare. This bridges the gap between engineers and business experts because it allows them to communicate. In the lecture, Exequiel explained the process of innovation, and why it is so important. After the lecture, we were treated to a three course meal. We then toured La Boca, an area of Buenos Aires famous for colorful buildings and street art.

In the face of innovation and progress, it is important to respect tradition. Tradition can be maintained through many different ways. Tradition tells us where we came from, and innovation leads to where we want to go. Paying tribute to tradition by speaking native languages and preserving the overall way of life are ways to do this. Innovation can still occur, but within the reigns of certain traditions. It is important for a culture to find the balance between effective change and older traditions.

La Boca has been successful in finding this balance, at least on the surface. On our tour today, the speaker explained the history behind many of the colorful buildings the area is known for. In the 1900s, the area was inhabited by poorer populations similar to how it is today. Many of the residents could not afford sturdy building materials and paint. The houses were made of wood and scrap metal, and painted with paint leftover from boat exteriors. Because the residents could only get small amounts of paint in each color, the buildings are multicolored. After a fire burned down many of the wood houses in La Boca, the area had to rebuild. The residents made an effort to keep the tradition of the multicolored homes alive by repainting with vibrant colors. The residents did choose to update the materials the homes were made of to prevent another disaster in the area. Finding this balance allowed the residents to improve their living quarters while keeping the spirit of the area as it was before. We also saw many murals on the exterior walls of many buildings in La Boca. Many of these murals were painted within the last few years. Allowing for new artists to continue the tradition of art in La Boca helps keep the tradition alive. While the art may be considered more modern and innovative, the tradition is still there.

Tomorrow we will be visiting a local hospital and visiting the Evita Museum! I am excited to spend one of my last few days here learning more.

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