Venezia: Day 10

Another unfortunately gloomy day here in Italy, but excitement still filled the air upon meeting this morning. Today was another day trip and this time to Venice! I feel like this was one of the trips that was very anticipated due to the classic pictures everyone has seen featuring a gondola. Despite our 8 months spent living in Pittsburgh this year, we just weren’t prepared for the weather we encountered today. The majority of girls, including myself, claimed to have sacrificed their warmth for the outfits they wanted featured in their pictures. Looking around there were a lot of bare legs and even some boys decided to go with the shorts look.

We took the train for the first time to get to Venice which was an experience considering you have all of 5 minutes to hop on and be situated before the train leaves again. When we arrived in Venice, despite the gusts of wind blowing hair in my face, I was able to see the beauty of the houses that lined the water and the many bridges in between. We took a taxi to get to the gondola location, but not the type of taxi I had expected. Instead, it was a boat on the water that took us to our next stop. Five of my friends and I filled the gondola and got situated in our seats. Our gondola rower was not a happy camper and warned us that we could not move an inch in order to keep the boat stable. This ride was one of my more enjoyable and relaxing experiences of the trip. However, on our return back to get off the gondola we saw another classmates’ boat nearly capsize due to it being unbalanced! This was a shocking and unexpected occurrence but definitely a funny memory now considering everyone was fine.

Then everyone split up to explore Venice and grab a bite to eat. Something that Luca, our tour guide, mentioned was how expensive it was to eat in Venice so he showed us a strip that hopefully we’d have more luck on. After we were full again and picked up some souvenirs, we met up for one last walking tour. On this walking tour we walked all throughout Venice and learned a lot about the different architectural styles. One classmate guessed that the church we were standing in front of was Byzantine, however it was actually Gothic. I don’t know much about this topic but I had never pictured Gothic designs to have so much color. Along our walk she also showed us two buildings that were side by side and one was designed using Gothic and the other was not. She showed us how they were different because of the design around the windows. The gothic building was pointed above the windows while the other was curved. The rest of our time in Venice we explored the different shops while trying to regain our warmth. During this time we had a really fun experience in a chocolate shop in which they gave us samples on samples on samples. Then it was back to the train to head home to Verona.

Ciao for now!

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