The Me(ade)kong Delta

Day eleven was our long-awaited trip to the Mekong Delta, a little over an hour and a half from our hotel. We applied numerous layers of bug spray, drank lots of water, and boarded the bus at around 8am.

I always find myself intrigued by the sight of farmers tending their rice fields. The thought of such tedious, time-consuming work really makes me appreciate the nannying job I work over the summer. Seeing such an uncommon sight certainly puts the reality of others into perspective.

We pulled up to the Mekong a short while later. Meade, the true savior of the trip, let me use her fan to prevent myself from passing out (you would not BELIEVE the temperature when you’re standing in the middle of the wetlands). Off the bat, we all sat down at a small table to try a variety of tropical fruits. Personally, I loved the bright color and texture of the dragonfruit!

Afterward, we sampled some tea from a section of the delta dedicated to bees. On our way out, we all had the opportunity to hold the largest python I’ve ever laid eyes on. After enough hype from my friends, I finally felt the massive snake placed around my neck. I felt the creature’s slimy skin crawl over my shoulders until its head rested close to my shoulder. I have to say….not entirely the greatest thing I have ever experienced.

Tried my best to hide my shock!

For me, I found the Mekong’s recent development to be quite interesting. Its considerable amount of boats and docks imply a large tourist population, something that could definitely contribute to future expansion. The addition of elements such as the beekeepers, coffee manufacturing, and small restaurants greatly increase the number of visitors to the region. As more and more individuals come, the Mekong Delta will experience a surge in economic profitability. I’m excited that I was able to see the area during such a transitional time in its history.

Eventually, we all boarded a set of small gondola-like boats. A quick paddle down the river revealed a beautiful passage of trees and overlapping leaves. I found the experience to be incredibly calming and serine. The trip to the Mekong Delta was the perfect way to finish out this chaotic week.

Tomorrow is our big day! Wish my group luck as we conclude our wonderful two-week trip with an informative (and slightly nerve wracking) presentation in regards to our company.

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