Day 12-13: The Legacy of Eva Peron

Yesterday we spent the morning touring San Indisro, a local public hospital specializing in pediatrics and maternal health. The hospital we visited showed a very different side of healthcare here in Argentina. While the staff at the hospital cared greatly about the work that they do, there were many issues with the current situation there. Staffing issues and rundown infrastructure inhibits the full potential of the employees there. Following the tour, we traveled to the National Botanical Gardens in Palermo. The gardens had a mix of greenhouses and outdoor plants. After that, we went to the Evita museum, a museum that tells the life story of Eva Peron. Eva Peron was a very influential figure in the history of Argentina, so it was very interesting to learn more about her life. The museum is located in a building that used to be a foster care for the Evita Foundation.

After visiting the public hospital and then Evita museum, we tried to make a connection between the two. At the museum, we learned about how there was great social change occurred during the mid twentieth century. Eva Peron fought for the women’s right to vote, and Juan Peron was seen as the voice of the working class. After hearing more about the legacy of Eva Peron, there is much more to her than her image on the surface. She worked at a foster care home in Palermo, and helped to promote others throughout the city. Based on the more progressive ideals Eva had, she may be tied to the modern healthcare system found in Argentina. Eva believed that both men and women deserve a voice in Argentina, and she cared about the working class. These underrepresented populations likely did not have access to proper healthcare, something Eva would have found fault with. The idea of universal public healthcare is a rather progressive idea, likely stemming from the Perons. Toward the end of her life, Eva became ill with cervical cancer. Because of her illness, there may have been greater stress on healthcare in the country at the time to prevent future deaths.

Today we spent the morning presenting on what we have learned from our time here in Argentina. The topics presented on included hospitals, primary health-care, pharmaceuticals and The Ministry of Health. It was great to see all of our efforts pay off! As our trip comes to a close, I am trying to soak up every last bit of my time here.

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