From Universities to Karaoke!


Today was the day of learning. We initiated the day with a visit to Hangyang University, South Korea’s first engineering college and the 3rd best university in the country. I was particularly interested at this university for the implementation of engineering, STEM, advancement, and technology into the university. Once thing that I was looking forward to before we left was seeing academics in the eyes of a Korean student.

Hangyang is similar to several large industries in that it is a fairly new intuition (founded in the 20th century) that has quickly become prestigious in a few years. When given a tour, we learned how accessible opportunities are available for the students as several top tier CEOs and company heads like Hydraui are alumni. It was also nice to see that the university prospers in both STEM research and facilities but also stress the importance of the arts. Even though the arts aspect can be due to the fact their founder was a musician, it was pleasing to know that the school can be similar my university because there is an equal stress on both subjects. The school was so beautiful and nice- I might transfer!

After the university visit, the learning didn’t stop. I went to a cooking class with a few other students. We were making spicy rice cakes, a traditional street food dish that also seemed to interest me. I was a fairly simple process, but I believe its because some aspects were premade. Despite the simplicity, I enjoyed the process of making the cakes. I would love to try to make some more Korean dishes.  

To end off our day, we all wanted to try a common Korean activity: the karaoke bar! About 14 of us went to Hong Dae and found a karaoke bar near after we did some shopping and exploring. The karaoke bar was a highlight of the day. It was only 40,000 won for an hour, but it was a lot cheaper split up. Plus, they extended the time by 30 minutes! It was a great lighthearted experience to end our day.

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