Plus3 Study Abroad: The Virtual Version

Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Vianne Chang. I am a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh with intended majors of Marketing and Business Information Systems, a minor in Economics, as well as certificates in Digital Media and Business Analytics. Over the summer, I will not only be participating in the Plus3 Global Project, but I will also be a swim coach at the Philadelphia Sports Club.

In order to get to know me better, here are some fun facts about me:

  • Travel: I have been to France, Canada, Japan, China, and Taiwan. I highly suggest you visit these countries whenever you get the chance!
  • Music: My top three genres are pop, country, and alternative. If you ever need song recommendations, let me know!
  • Food: I am a huge fan of sushi, french fries, crab cakes, and every baked good. Pittsburgh’s restaurant scene certainly keeps me satisfied.
  • Sports: I did gymnastics for 7 years and swam for over 11 years. Nowadays, I run outside and participate in yoga.

One of the main reasons I chose the University of Pittsburgh is for the study abroad experiences, specifically the Plus3 Program. The thought of going abroad for a short two week period after finals seemed amazing. Additionally, all the locations available through the Plus3 Program were all appealing to me; I was excited at the prospect of this opportunity. Although this program is happening slightly different this year, I am still beyond excited to work with students from Pitt and South America.

Throughout the next three weeks, I hope to meet students that I would otherwise not meet. Working with new people is something I always look forward to because it challenges my teamwork and communications skills. The task at hand is a new one that I have not really encountered before, so I am excited to see what my teammates and I can do for our case company. I hope to bring back the concepts I learn while part of this program to the classroom, as well as internships. What I wish to get out of this experience include long-lasting relationships and an unforgettable, educational experience.

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