We started our day today by going on a short company visit. We visited the maritime training center in Limassol which was really cool! We got to see their engine room simulator and bridge simulator. It was really fun ā€œsteeringā€ the boat and trying to navigate through rain or snow.

After the visit, we got back on the bus and went to get lunch at a fish tavern. They brought out tons of fish and shellfish. It personally made me a little queasy because a lot of the fish were still whole and they were looking at me! I left with my stomach churning a little bit.šŸ˜…

After lunch we hopped on the bus and stopped for a minute at the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque. There were tons of cats there which I thought was pretty cool. We then went to the beach and had free time there. I really enjoyed just relaxing on the beach with my friends and the water was really nice.

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