Day Eleven: φινάλε

I couldn’t think of a rhyming title for today sadly.

After a very unfun night, I surprisingly felt very refreshed waking up for the final 8am early day. We started the day with a visit to the pharmacy, where we all tested negative for covid. Despite all of the spelling errors in the names and errors in the passport numbers that eventually had to be fixed, we’re all able to return the the US & can avoid the dreaded ‘quarantining in another country’.

After our pharmacy visit, we started our last company visit of the trip, visiting VTTV (I don’t remember the name, I got that kahoot question wrong). They got some gluten free bars for me, which were very good and a welcomed change from the pastries other companies had offered us. As for the actual visit itself, the company was unique in that it was the only company we visited that acquired its raw materials in Cyprus as opposed to overseas. In accordance to supply chain, this would reduce the traffic of their ports, as VTTV is able to utilize their ports for only exports and not imports. It would also save them lots of money in terms of shipping costs, it would reduce wait times, and because there are less places for a disturbance to the supply chain(like the suez canal blockage), the supply chain is much harder to disrupt.

We saw the company’s plant control centers, where engineers from all different backgrounds oversee the operation of the cement production. We saw the company’s port operations from both close and afar, and I was impressed that the company has enough traffic from just their cement industry to justify an entire port and jetty.

After our visit, we went to the beach for the final time. After grabbing some lunch, and getting a small souvenir for myself, I was left with only or hour or so left of beach time. Despite not having a lot of time, my friends and I packed a lot of things in. We played beach soccer for a little bit, and had a very competitive game of jackpot. One of our other friends had to come bring us in because we had lost track of time.

For dinner, I went to a little celebration for one of my friend’s birthdays. It was a surprise party and nice to see her reaction when she found all of her friends waiting for her. Now that I’m packing my stuff up to go home, it hits me how much I’ll miss this trip. I made a lot of friends and memories. Special thanks to our faculty members Dr. Sherwin & Chris for making the trip so memorable.

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