Dìa Diez: 🫀

Day ten in Buenos Aires was filled with different activities. It was a really fun day. To start off we all met in the lobby at eight am. We went back to Sanatorio Arcos which is a private Swiss medical hospital. We went there a few times before. When we arrived we had a lecture about whole new topic that we never talked about before, mutualism. Mutualism is a different way that healthcare is financed, and doesn’t fall under any of the three sectors public, private, or the unions. The lady that gave us the lecture was named Dra. Marcela Travaglini. She is a medical manager from a mutual association. Being a member of a mutual has several different benefits compared to your typical insurance company. Some benefits from mutualism is that you’re able to join voluntarily and you know who your money is going too. If you are a member of the board you can only be a member for one year, however after you don’t serve for three years you’re able to rerun for the board.

After leaving Sanatorio Arcos we went to ICBA which is a cardiovascular institute. It was honestly really cool we saw a live video of a the hospital performing Coronary artery bypass graft. We had a lecture from the medical directors and head of nursing. We also had a tour of the hospital which was really cool. It was such a nice institute probably one of the best ones we have been too.

We had free time for lunch so Sarah and I ordered room service which was very convenient and really good. At around 2:45 we met in the lobby and went to a museum. The name of the museum is mueso de los immigrantes. It was really interesting to see how the immigrants came over on the ships and to see what the conditions are. The actual museum was operating from 1911-1953 for immigrants to stay there so they didn’t reduce the spread of disease in the city.

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