Germany Day 1


After traveling all day yesterday, we finally made it to Germany! I still really can’t believe that I’m actually here, in a foreign country, and I don’t think it’ll truly sink in until its time to leave and go home.  After arriving at the airport in Munich, we bussed to our hotel in Augsburg where Sonia, the German program coordinator, met us with snacks and goodies and talked a little about the program. Then we took the tram into the heart of Augsburg and met up with some of the German students who had volunteered to help show us around. I was really lucky because 2 of the students were ones that were in my group for the project so it was nice to meet them sooner and start getting to know them. We not only took a tour of the city, but also of the Fuggerai, which is a really cool place that is basically housing for poorer people. As long as you apply and can show that you really are in need, then you can live there for like 3 euros a year or something really cheap. Finally, we made our way to dinner at a traditional Bavarian restaurant. Coming into the trip, I was VERY nervous about the food that I’d be eating and this dinner did not help to ease my worries.. Our first course was liver dumpling soup (luckily, I didn’t know what it was until after I tried it. And then we had pork and sauerkraut-ish stuff and a potato ball thing (see picture) and lastly, some apple strudel. I ate pretty much everything BUT I was definitely not a fan of this meal and it made me really apprehensive for the next two weeks of food. The whole experience was still fun though and I really enjoyed meeting the rest of the German students at dinner! It was a good (and exhausting) first day and I was very ready to get back to the hotel and go to bed by the end of it.

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