From D.C. to Ho Chi Minh City and Back


CaseA04Hey everyone! I am very new to Blogging so I guess I will start by introducing myself. My name is Audrey Case, I was born and raised in Wilton Connecticut, and moved to Potomac, Maryland (~20 minutes outside of D.C.). I am currently a freshman in the Swanson School of Engineering with my major declared as Bioengineering (BioE for short). The reason why I chose Plus3 Vietnam is closely tied to why I chose my major.

When I was younger my father worked for a nonprofit called Malaria No More, whose mission at the time was “working to end Malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.” Malaria is a completely curable, and preventable disease, in the United States if you had Malaria you would be able to just take a few pills over the course of a few days and be cured, whereas in Tanzania or Senegal it could be a death sentence, and was for many people. I could never understand why there was this seeming deficit between the two places (I was 10 when my dad first explained it to me and my solution was to kill all mosquitos). Since then I have been fascinated by the development of different countries: the speed, cultural factors that impede or enhance it, infrastructure that will allow growth, and especially how businesses can be the force driving developmental growth. I chose BioE because I wanted to help provide cheaper, easier methods of treating/medicating people, and assisting the development of countries around the world.

I chose Plus3 to better understand the development inside a country who is rapidly developing, who is currenting winning against Tuberculosis a previously very serious epidemic in Vietnam.Plus3 Vietnam has a focus on development, engineering, and the businesses of Vietnam which provides an interesting window into the subjects that have fascinated me for almost a decade.

I’m also extremely excited to learn about the beautiful and amazing country that is Vietnam!

See you soon!

Audrey Case

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