Heutige Abenteuer: The longest layover and an introduction to Augsburg

These past two days have been extremely draining. I did a lot of traveling, waiting, and not sleeping, so when we finally got to Augsburg I was struggling to stay awake. We had a layover in Newark airport for around 9 hours, so we were all anxious to make it to Germany and complete our lengthy arrival trip. It was raining when we pulled up to our hotel, but that didn’t stop us from getting a tour of the beautiful city that’s our home for the next two weeks. The hotel we are staying at, B&B, is very clean and modern, although the rooms are quite small. However, it is conveniently right next to a street car station, which we will use everyday to go to company facilities or just head downtown. Before our tour, we were introduced to the faculty helping to organize this program from the University of Augsburg. They brought us Bavarian buttered pretzels, which were amazing, for a snack to hold us over before dinner! During out tour, we got on the street car and made out way into downtown Augsburg. It is incredible how punctual, clean, and efficient the street cars are and I soon realized how unbelievably awful the Pittsburgh bus system is compared to here! Once downtown, we got a walking tour from Dr. Feick. My first impression of the city was how beautiful it was. Despite the light rain, I admired the colorful buildings and the cobblestone that lined the streets. It was overwhelming trying to take in all the restaurants, shops, and street vendors. The tour lead us to the Augsburg cathedral, where we got to see beautiful stained-glass windows, paintings, and statues. Another stop was the town hall, where we toured a stunning Gold room. However, just walking around the city and admiring the fountains, statues, and people going about their everyday business was the most exciting part for me. After Dr. Feick’s phenomenal and informative tour, we met a tour guide to explore a housing complex called the Fuggerei. The more modern apartments were very quaint with a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, and I just kept thinking how perfect it would be to own one in South Oakland! We also got to see the bunker, garden, and church of the Fuggerei. For dinner, we feasted on some Bavarian turkey, spätzle, and soup, which was SO GOOD, and got acquainted with some of the German students we will be working with. At the end of the day, I was exhausted from all the traveling, but exited, for what’s to come in my next two weeks in Germany.

By the way, if you’re curious, “Heutige Abenteuer” means “Today’s Adventure!”


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