Heutige Abenteuer: Presentation One and a Scavenger Hunt

After a good ten hours of MUCH NEEDED sleep, I woke up and headed to the University of Augsburg to meet the rest of the German students to start, finish, and present our first presentations. My group consisted of four American students and three German students and the company we were assigned was SGL Group. At first I was hoping for BWM or KUKA, as was everyone else I’m sure, but I am honestly really excited to learn about a company I have never heard of, as well as about some their products, like carbon fiber and graphite, which I am clueless about. We had a little over an hour to talk and develop our presentation, which consisted of basic information and an overview of the company. In the end, our presentation went extremely well (I think), especially considering the time constraint placed on us. We got to have lunch at the University’s cafeteria which was remarkably better than Market, Pitt’s cafeteria. I got a plate with some Bavarian chicken, some delicious vegetables, and a sweet apple filled crepe. However, I was also extremely overwhelmed and slightly lost because it was crowded and people kept talking to me in German, to which I would just smile, nod, and walk away. They probably thought I was crazy. After lunch, we got a nice tour of campus, although it was raining again, and then we went on a scavenger hunt in downtown Augsburg, this time lead by two German students. The hunt took us to a few of the places we went to yesterday, where we did more exploring, but the best part was climbing over 250 steps to reach the top of a bell tower that overlooked Augsburg. My legs were shaking walking up those steps, and it hurt to realize how out of shape I was since I stopped playing sports in college. The last stop on the tour took us to Riegele Wirtshaus, a biergarten, where we drank some super refreshing non-alcoholic beer! After sitting and talking for some time, we headed over to an Italian restaurant for a delicious dinner. I ordered an arugula, pepperoni, tomato, and feta pizza, which was spectacular, and Spezi, a German soft drink that kind of tastes like a mix of all sodas but better. Today was a great day!

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