Day one: Beijing here I am!

Today was the first full day in Beijing, Monday May 8th. But before I get into what we did today, I want to give background information on my struggles lately haha. So first, before the semester ended my laptop screen cracked and stopped functioning well. I had to bring my tablet with me on this trip but since it’s only has google chrome to browse it was a struggle trying to upload this blog. I did it though, finally, and that’s all that matters. My second struggle was that I woke up on this first day with severe stomach pain. It was really bad but I also made it through that so yay me!

Now let’s get into what you’ve all been waiting for, descriptions about my day! We went to the great Wall today and I didn’t realize how many flight of stairs it actually takes go get to the wall and then walking on the wall itself had it’s own set of stairs. It was very hard for me since I can’t even walk up the 3 flight of stairs to physics class, but it was very much worth it. The view was amazing and it was just an overall great experience. There weren’t that many people since it was a Monday afternoon and that made the experience even better. To get back down the wall we, fortunately, did not have to walk down all flights of stairs. Instead we slid down the wall in a toboggan and it was really really cool. Again, not having so many people at this site made it so much better.


I also cannot forget to add something about the food here in Beijing. It’s so good. The food is almost always for everyone in the table to share so you don’t have to commit to one dish. You can try everything for yourself and I like that a lot. Also, it seems like the food is never ending. Just when you think you’re done and you’re full, they bring out more. I tried duck and sheep meat for the first time here, it was good. I noticed that they love pork and duck here a lot so it’s very popular. If you like duck and pork like me, Beijing is the place for you.


Thank you for your time and I hope you also read my next blog post:)

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