The Disney World of Coffee

Cafe Britt from first sight of the huge gates we entered upon arrival was no sight for sore eyes. The company provided a unique and fun filled tour of its company with actors making corny jokes along the way. A dance performance entertained lunch and a dramatic stage scene including a mini car introduced all the different types of coffee Cafe Britt has to offer. It became clear that Cafe Britt does not fall short of being successful nor lack funds to provide the theatatrical tour provided for tourists that visit the global company. Besides entertainment, Cafe Britt also shared an abundance of information about their company, where it lies in the supply chain, and input on why they believe they are successful. 

Cafe Britt does not do all of the work needed to produce and sell coffee. Cafe Britt serves as an intermediary as it roasts and packages the coffee beans to sell directly to both end-users and other retailers. Cafe Britt receives its coffee from small, local organic coffee farms and from there they closely examine the quality of the coffee with taste and smell tastes and then package only the best coffee to be sold as their Britt brand in their souvenir stores, websites, and other locations in the world. Quality is a measurement Cafe Britt uses to track their success. They desire everyone to buy their brand of coffee because of what it represents and hope that after the first purchase customers will return and make more purchases in stores or on their website. 

Going into more specifics with regard to logistics, Cafe Britt roasts their coffee by order to guarantee freshness and do not store it in a warehouse in Costa Rica. Cafe Britt gets their coffee as I meantioned before from small plantations. The plantations are in charge of the logistics of transporting the coffee beans and ensuring they make it there safely and in one piece. Having the plantations in charge of their own transportation allows Cafe Britt to be successful because it does not have to overlook the process of the coffee beans making sure they make it to their company; they can instead focus on the goal of the supreme quality of their coffee and getting it to sell. Cafe Britt does however have to manage getting the packaged coffee to its retailers. To do so successfully, Cafe Britt set up warehouses in both Miami and China. Care Britt ships its coffee do these warehouses and from there they are distributed to end-users and retailers. The advantages to this method is Cafe Britt gets their fresh coffee as close to their buyers as possible after packaged allowing for quick delivery. Having warehouses closer to consumers also allows for the company to oversee the process carefully with different managers at each stage. I agree with the approach Cafe Britt takes with their logistics. Nonetheless, if I could suggest improvements I would advise the company to try and cut down on its number of movements from factory to warehouse, Making products made to order means more transportation needed to get orders to customers on time. Although efficient because of no excess supply, if Cafe Britt could improve their tracking and programming so orders are ready to ship and can get out on trucks that still have room on them then they would both improve the environment because of less exhaust and save money. 

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