Visiting a Chinese University

Day two in Beijing was a very different experience than day one, but a very enjoyable and informative one nonetheless. The day started off with another hotel breakfast followed by a one-hour bus ride to the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing. We were met there by professors of and students of the university. Dr. Kai Yao began a lecture on the differences in the marketplace between China and the Unites States. Dr. Yao’s lecture was very captivating and informative. We learned that smartphones are much more prevalent in China than even the United States and, therefore, almost all transactions are done by way of mobile phones. E-commerce is also much bigger in the Chinese marketplace than in the United States. Supermarkets in China are much smaller due to the extremely high volume of e-commerce. The reason for this exponentially larger e-commerce market is the density of cities in China. Chinese citizens are not able to drive to supermarkets to make everyday purchases due to traffic and extended wait times and, therefore, have mostly everything delivered to their homes. After Dr. Kai’s intriguing lecture, we were treated to a lunch at the university where we interacted with students and learned about the college culture in China. After this lunch, we took a tour of the campus which included a beautiful library with an innovative system that allows students to see which seats are taken or not throughout the building. After taking all of this information in, we finally returned to the hotel at around 4:30 PM. Another large and delicious meal awaited us as we ate everything from duck to dumplings. After eating such a filling dinner, I am ready to get to bed and rest up for our company visits tomorrow!

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