Augsburg 101 (May 7, 2017)

Today was a shorter day, but it felt long because I had been awake for the past day and a half.  We started out with a lunch of sandwiches and one of the best soft pretzels I have ever eaten (this may be due to the fact that it was filled with butter).  We then got our public transportation passes and other important papers.  Then we left on the tram for town.  To my surprise, the tram was exactly on time, unlike the transportation in Pittsburgh which is usually 10 minutes late on a good day.  The first thing I noticed when we got downtown was how clean and beautiful everything was.  The roads were all cobblestone with tram tracks, pedestrians, bikes, and cars filling the streets.  All of the buildings were a pale pastel colors.  Dr. Feick led us on a tour of the area teaching us all about the history of the place.  We visited a few different churches and cathedrals which were a hybrid of the roman and gothic styles.  We also got to see the town hall.  Inside was the Golden Hall which is a very impressive room filled with gold gilded statues and carvings.  I was surprised to learn that the almost the entire building was rebuilt after it was destroyed by the bombings in WWII.  We ended our tour by visiting the Fuggerei which is basically a “city within a city.”  It was founded in 1516 by Jakob Fugger the Rich as a place for needy citizens to stay and is still in use today.  Rent was only 88 cents a year!  After our tour, we had a traditional German meal and I got to try Spezi for the first time.  Spezi is a soda that is a mix between cola and Fanta that is very popular in Germany.  I loved it and I hope it catches on in the U.S.  After dinner we headed back to the hotel and I passed out almost right away and I had the most sleep I had in the past three days.


-A fountain of  Hercules 


-Inside of the Cathedral

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