Day 3


Today we listened to a lecture on the history of and development around the Mekong River and its delta, as well as had another Vietnamese language class (I think I may finally be starting to get a handle on it, which is impressive to me because language definitely isn’t my strong suit).

In the afternoon, we got to try pho (a delicious soup that is a must-have for any visitor to Vietnam) and we visited Glass Egg Digital Media, an art design outsourcing company that primarily deals in artwork for video game studios.

At age 17, Glass Egg is one of the oldest companies of its kind in the world, and was one of the pioneers of the digital design outsourcing business. Historically, it deals primarily in lower-risk projects such as car models and realist environments for racing games (low-risk because there is little to no creative interpretation that could potentially cause problems between Glass Egg and its clients). However, it is constantly faced with the challenge of racing against time and the rapidly shifting landscape of video game technology.

Being located in Vietnam is primarily a benefit to Glass Egg, as costs of labor, overhead, and rent are substantially lower than those of the home countries of many of its competitors, such as China or Japan. However, its location is also a drawback in that many potential new clients often overlook Glass Egg for its seemingly ‘inconvenient’ location, as many western studios do not think/expend the resources to search for outsourcing opportunities outside of cities full of major players like Shanghai and Tokyo.

Currently, Glass Egg is looking to focus more of its business in constructing environments, rather than just individual objects, as a way to diversify its portfolio and attract more lucrative contracts. Being a first mover in its niche industry, the company has always shown willingness to take risks when necessary in order to grow, and its current level of success is not slowing that philosophy one bit.

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