Exploring the Digital Media Industry in Vietnam

Day 3: Today, we watched a lecture on the Mekong Delta, had another Vietnamese lesson, ate pho at a restaurant, had a group visit to Glass Egg Digital Media, ate dinner at a Korean barbecue and walked around and explored Vietnam at night.

The visit to Glass Egg was probably my favorite visit to a company so far, especially since this is the closest thing that will pertain to my particular field of engineering. From a first look, everything seemed very neat, and orderly. The work environment seemed cool and collected, but at the same time you could tell it was friendly. The head management of the company seemed to be really relaxed as well, saying everything that was on their minds. I felt like we really got the inside scoop from them about the digital media business and creating 3D models. Another reason I found it interesting was the fact that everything they did really does in a way affect my life. They work on a number of big games in the industry and I have played a couple of them, like Titanfall 2 and Need for Speed.

What was also interesting was looking at the logistics of the company and how they tackled certain situations. There are a couple of things that really do impact them, one being their location. While being in Vietnam is great due to the lack of competition, not many big companies, in the beginning, wanted to travel to Ho Chi Minh city to find what they need. Most of them would simply travel to Shanghai, because there are so many companies there already, why make an unnecessary trip to Vietnam? Some other challenges that Glass Egg deals with is being associated with only making and designing 3D models of cars. Making cars is where they go their name, and while this is great, they want to be able to take in all sorts of outsourcing to get more and more projects. One bright side that they have is the amount of free advertising that they get from their clients. Many clients in the video game business will recommend who they outsource to other clients, allowing for a great expansion opportunity.

Glass Egg was definitely my favorite tour so far. While visiting all of these companies is very interesting I am looking for to tomorrow’s beach day and trip to Jesus Mountain. Vietnam is a very interesting and diverse place, and I can’t wait to see more of it.

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