First Day of School (May 8, 2017)

Somehow, I managed to wake up with enough time to eat breakfast at the hotel today.  I had yogurt, toast, juice, and hot chocolate.  It was delicious.  Today we got to visit the University of Augsburg and meet the German students who were also in our group.  We left around 8:30 to get on the tram to Augsburg University.  We got to meet the German students who are in our groups for the first time.  We had about an hour to finalize our initial presentations with the German students and then we had to present them.  I would say ours went pretty well and we definitely have a clear goal for what we need to do for our final presentation.  Afterwards we got to eat at the University’s dining hall which was so much better than the one at Pitt.  I had a really good wild berry smoothie.  I also got to try German Fanta.  It was very different from American Fanta.  It was the color of real orange juice and it wasn’t as sweet.  I found it tasty.  After lunch, the graduate students who are coming to Pitt next year led us on a scavenger hunt through Augsburg.   One of the sites we visited was the Perlach tower.  We had to climb up 261 steps to get to the top, but the view was worth it.  For dinner, we ate at an Italian restaurant called Dragone.  It reminded me of the Italian restaurants back at home.  We struggled trying to read the German menu for a while before we realized they had an English one.  I had a seafood salad and a Hawaiian pizza.  The salad was good even if it was a little tentacley.


-The view from Perlach tower

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