A Vacation from a Vacation

Day 4: Today was the grand relaxation day. We ate a bagged lunch from the hotel, climbed up Jesus Mountain and relaxed down by the beach. The bus ride was vaguely long but it was soon over as we approached the Jesus statue, rising up on the horizon. The mountain itself wasn’t a bad hike, even with my bad foot. Although the stairs seemed like they would never end, we finally made it to the top of the Jesus statue. The view was beautiful and I took a number of pictures.

The beach itself was beautiful and the resort was extravagant. The pool was one of the largest I have ever seen and the lunch that I had was possibly the best salmon I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. The resort itself was very fancy, with multiples stands for umbrellas, a gigantic amount of lawn chairs and towels ready for use. While I was there relaxing, the resort felt very similar to other resorts and other beaches. While I was sitting there lying in the sun, I forgot I was in Vietnam, as I could have been in places like Florida or at Cape Cod. Overall the resort was very nice and felt like a true way to relax and ease off the jet lag.

One other thing that was interesting was looking at the houses and communities on the way back, looking at the architecture and how everything is set up. It seemed like a lot of the time, people didn’t care where they put their buildings, as long as they had land. You could see large buildings with modern architecture next to tiny huts and shacks nearby. Vietnam is a place with a diverse population and observing the houses and buildings on the way back from the beach really showed that.

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