Beijing Sightseeing: Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Hutong District, Temple of Heaven

Our fourth day was definitely the most active during our stay in Beijing. After a long night out, waking up at 7 am was not easy at all. Somehow I managed to get ready in time, and we headed out for our first stop: Tiananmen Square. I was disappointed that the Mausoleum was closed, because seeing Mao would have been an amazing opportunity. After spending a little bit of time there, we crossed the street over to the Forbidden City. While this sight has a rich history and beautiful architecture, I felt it quickly got old. Mainly due to exhaustion, and dehydration I was waiting to get back to the bus after I realized the most I could see in one of the rooms in the Forbidden City was a chair every now and then. Lunch improved my mood however, and visiting the Hutong District was probably the coolest place we visited in Beijing. The surroundings matched the picture I imagined of China before we landed.  The first thing I did once we got there was buy a fake Rolex, one of my many goals I wanted to accomplish during this trip, for about $3. The quadrangle we visited painted a detailed picture of traditional lifestyles in China. Seeing all the dogs in the quadrangle, around the district, and finally the one just chilling on the sidewalk with glasses was cool as well. By the time we got to the Temple of Heaven, I was pretty tired again, but there was nothing exhausting that we did. Doing Tai Chi in the park was funny and also relaxing. I appreciated that we got to see so much of Beijing today, the Asia Institute has thoroughly planned a good, comprehensive visit for us, so I thank them for that.IMG_4154

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