Day 4 – Actually


Today we took the day off from classes and relaxed, allowing me to finally recover from this intense jet-lag.

In the morning we took off for Vung Tau, a resort town on the coast of Vietnam. It was the first time we had actually left the city since our arrival. Along the highway, I saw a much more rural part of Vietnam with farms and dirt roads. What stood out to me during our journey was all of the little shops on the road. In the city, there are countless shops, but what is interesting is that a lot of the shop names are in English or translated. However outside of the city almost all of the shops appeared to be in Vietnamese, possibly signaling that this is not a very touristy area.

When we arrived at Vung Tau, we first took a hike up to the 558 foot statue The Christ of Vung Tau. As long as knees and shoulders were covered, visitors are allowed inside the statue and on to the shoulders. While I have never sweated so much in my life, I have also never seen such an incredible view. The view from the shoulder allowed you to see just how breath-taking Vung Tau is. I’m not sure if my pictures will do it justice.

After the Christ Statue, we headed to a resort where we enjoyed both the beach and the pool as well as a delicious lunch. Vung Tau the city reminded me of other resort towns that I have been to with lots of hotels lining the beach. What was different was the beach itself which was a little dirtier than I was used to.

Despite having my flip flop stolen by a stray dog, I feel relaxed and well rested.

Now on to dinner and a visit to the Consulate General of the US!

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