Day 4: Historical Sites !

We visited the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. I’m not a big fan of history but visiting these sites was pretty cool. I learned about the different dynasties and emperors and how the area was forbidden to commoners. It is also really big, like a city. Hence the name, forbidden city. There were lots of stares, lots of people taking pictures without permission, and a few people in our group even got followed. Being foreigners in China, there’s no way for us to blend in. The buildings in the Forbidden City were amazing but my favorite part was the emperor’s garden. There were lots of trees, flowers, and rocks. I took many pictures (with myself in it) and that just proves how much I loved it because I never take pictures.

We ate lunch and then went to the neighborhood of Hutong and then the Temple of Heaven. We toured Hutong on rickshaws. It was a neighborhood in Beijing with family homes that aren’t as tall as the buildings in the center of Beijing. It still costs a fortune to live there though. We also learned about the lives of a normal Chinese family by visiting their house but I could not go in because they have 4 dogs and I am a scaredy cat. At the Temple of Heaven, there were so many trees andit was really pretty and relaxing. We also learned taichi and since there was a lot of wind, I just felt very graceful and in sync with nature.

Dinner time. Today was our last full day in Beijing but instead of exploring one last time I just stayed in, packed, and ordered pizza. The pizza was not good. It didn’t have enough sauce so it did not taste like anything. But I got to eat so I guess it’s fine.

I really enjoyed my time in Beijing, got to do really cool things. My favorite thing we did in Beijing by far was climbing the great wall. Although it was about 70 something flight of stairs, I had a great time. The view was spectacular and it was the first time I really got to experience being in China and amongst the Chinese people. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to be here. Bye Beijing, up next…Xi’an

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