Heutige Abenteuer: Weisswurt and KUKA

I definitely woke up the most awake this morning as we were able to sleep in a little bit, and we were headed to a restaurant called “Baindlkirch” to eat a traditional Bavarian breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, the hotel breakfast isn’t bad and their coffee machine is fantastic, but it is a hotel breakfast so it’s also not that good, and it’s always the same. I had two Weisswurst, which are white sausages made of veal (and pork?) and a large pretzel (only my second one yet, how disappointing). I dipped both in a delicious sweet mustard, but towards the end a German student brought me over an orange cream cheese type of spread for my pretzel which was so flavorful. After our meal, we got to watch a man case the sausages in the skin with a machine which was very interesting, and I learned that each sausage only costs sixty cents! I defiantly would have at least paid 2 Euros it was that good! After breakfast, I probably could’ve just went to bed for the day because I was so full and content, but then I remembered we were going to KUKA, a robotics company that produces, yes, robots! We started off in a Brand Experience room where we got listened to the history of KUKA, watched a lights show with robots, got a photo with a robot, and just learned a little bit more about this unique company. I saw robots in both of the factories I have visited so far so I was eager to learn about how KUKA produces the robots, how long it takes, how they predict future demand, and so on. By the way, they produce parts of robots with robots! As I’ve previously said, robots are crazy! During the tour of the plant, I was upset to see only a few robots in motion because the Brand Experience room got me excited. The presenter after the tour enlightened us on some of the robots they are currently working on as well as the industries they see needing a higher demand of robots. Automotive is not one of those industries. I ended my day eating a chicken döner with some French fries (Primanti’s style!) and it was definitely one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve had. Honestly, I love German food and am only disappointed that regular water (not carbonated) is not the norm in Germany. I am so dehydrated during the day, but the hotel tap water does the trick for me when I get back.

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