Consulate = Career?

Today was back to the usual schedule with morning classes (Vietnamese and culture/history) and lunch before the main activity. Vietnamese class has continued to get more difficult, but I feel that I’ve learned a decent amount for the number of lessons we’ve had. Interestingly, for lunch we headed to a rival university to UEF and dined at the hospitality section of their university, where students act as waiters/waitresses in order to learn how to manage such an establishment.

Instead of visiting another business site for the days main event we talked to the Consulate General of the United States. At the US Consulate (similar to the embassy) the employees work on a variety of tasks from helping Vietnamese citizens get Visas, to discussing foreign policy with the Vietnam government, to providing fun and helpful services to anyone interested in stopping by. Most employees start their career working with citizens attempting to get Visas, by conducting interviews or provided information on how to apply successfully. The work that is done here seemed to be integral in ensuring a strong positive relationship between the US and Vietnam (both economically and politically) and working towards the pursuit of improved human rights for all. The employees who spoke to us also spent some time advocating for the importance/merits of their jobs. For me, the combination of working with people and traveling made working in this field seem incredibly appealing. In fact, earlier in the day I was telling a fellow student that the main things I want in a job are the opportunity to work with others, the ability to travel, and a dynamic work environment. I will definitely be looking onto the application process more going forwards!

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