Day 3: Cheetah Mobile & Microsoft

I was very impressed with the visit to Cheetah Mobile. Prior to visiting this company, I wasn’t sure what to expect. As soon as we arrived, I noticed that the employees walking into the building were dressed very casually. The inside of the company was amazing. I had never seen anything like it before. It was massive and decorated in a very Western, modern way. I could tell the work culture was very relaxed, similar to what Google was known for. During this visit, I learned a lot about how Cheetah Mobile developed and what they do. I even discovered I already had one of Cheetah Mobile’s apps downloaded on my phone. I feel like Cheetah Mobile is a company that I would enjoy working for.

Our next visit was to Microsoft. Microsoft, obviously, is a very well-established company compared to Cheetah Mobile. I had very high expectations for this company visit. The visit to Microsoft was very different compared to Cheetah Mobile. For example, Cheetah Mobile let us become familiar with their work environment and atmosphere, whereas Microsoft concentrated more on showing off their technology, and didn’t give us a chance to see the behind the scenes work environment. However, I still enjoyed the visit.

I was very thankful of the employees who took their time to speak to us and answer our questions! I found it fascinating how a lot of the topics overlapped and the speakers would often speak about something mentioned by another speaker. This is a huge reminder of the ever-growing smartphone industry in China. I’m curious as to see how this technology will continue to expand. Cheetah Mobile was very focused on the creation of various applications, however Microsoft was adamant that in the next couple years, mobile phones would be replaced by mixed reality technology. In this type of industry though, history has shown that everything is unpredictable.

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