Heutige Abenteuer: SGL Group and BMW Part One

Today was the day we visited the company I am specifically working on, SGL Group, who (basically) uses carbon fiber to make automotive parts. While there, we toured areas where carbon fiber was being made and used to make parts. I also saw a KUKA robot being used. (Robots are crazy!) It was very interesting to see how some of these companies we visit interact with each other and how detailed and complicated it is to make the end product, a car. After SGL Group, we headed back to the University of Augsburg to listen to a talk about BMW and some of their future initiatives. One of their main goals, which is very likely to be achieved, it to produce autonomous cars. In the near future, we expect to see semi-autonomous cars with features like automatic breaking, help steering, remote parking, and other insane technological features. All of this is achievable through the use of sensors around the car. I am bewildered at the idea of a car that doesn’t need a human to physical drive it. Think about it, people would be able to text or drink coffee or eat some ice cream and not worry about having to be alert on the road 24/7! Technology advancements can prevent serious problems in the world, like car accidents. However, technology is also expensive and can make mistakes, so I’m a bit skeptical to see how these cars turn out. For dinner, my friends and I grabbed some food at a chain Italian restaurant called “Vapiano” and it was phenomenal. I got a pasta with vegetables in a red sauce and scarfed it down. Although, it was hard to decide what to eat when everything sounded so delicious. That was probably the best chain  restaurant I’ve ever been too! And it was cheap! There is nothing better than affordable food on a college student’s budget!



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