Arrival in Xi’an

Today got off to an early start as we woke up at 5:30 to head to the Beijing train station. At the train station while we were waiting for the train, I tried some delicious Chinese dumplings. When we finally got on the train, we traveled at 200 miles per hour for about 6 hours until we finally reached Xi’an. Xi’an was first described to use by our guide as a “middle sized city”, although it has over 8 million people, as many as New York City. Our first stop in Xi’an was the 700-year-old drum tower which was used to tell time long ago. The view from the top of the drum tower was beautiful and our guide told us that we were lucky enough today to be able to see so far due to the lower levels of pollution in the air. After the visit to the Drum tower, we walked to possibly my favorite meal of the trip so far. Supposedly, many former Chinese presidents have gone to this restaurant, and after tasting the food I am not surprised. The restaurant is famous for their dumplings and we were served more than 15 different kinds. Many of them were some of the best dumplings I have ever tasted in my life. Finally, after dinner we walked through the historic Muslim streets of Xi’an. These streets were very hectic due to the many street vendors both cooking and selling very unique foods. Some of the most unique things I saw on this street were goat feet and a full pig skeleton. Unfortunately, I did not get to try any of this food as I was still very full from the excessive amount of dumplings. After this walk we made our way back to the hotel to rest for another long day tomorrow.

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