Day 5 – Weisswurst Brunch, Kuka

Today we got to sleep in. We left by bus at 9:30 and drove to the countryside for brunch. We got a traditional Bavarian brunch meal: wieswurst, mustard, pretzels, and sparkling water. Sparkling water is gross for the record. When we get bottles of sparkling water we always shake it and try to make it flat so it doesn’t taste as bad. The wieswurst was good, however, the meal was really heavy and didn’t feel like a breakfast.

After getting brunch, we went back to Augsburg and took the tram to KUKA, a company that produces robots. The presentation at KUKA was very showy and included a light show featuring the robots. We toured the plant there and it was cool – they had their own completed robots building new robots.

After the visit at KUKA, we went back into the city and got donners for dinner. Donners are kind of like Gyros – there is a big roll with chicken, cabage, and other foods in it. The Donners were so good.

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