Day 7: City views

Today we got a break from all of our hard work at company visits, and went into Munich for the day for a tour and dinner. We got to take the train into the city, which was really cool because it was the fastest and smoothest train I’ve ever been on. German transportation never fails to impress me. Once we got to Munich, we began our guided tour in front of city hall. The tour winded around the entire main part of the city, and our tour guide pointed out all the famous locations and touristy sights. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon was my favorite part of the tour, it was a plaza you walk down with plants hanging from the cieling. Another exciting part of the city was Maximillianstraße, where all the high-end stores were like Gucci, Prada, and Rolex. It was a good spot to try to spot famous people if you had the day to spend. 

After the tour, we immediately climbed all 330 stairs of the city’s main church tower. Besides the mountain at Oberammergau, this was the second best view of the trip. You could see amazing views of the historic city for kilometers, with the Swiss Alps far in the distance under the clouds. 

For lunch, we went to the busiest part of town, which was the huge park in the heart of the city where you could order food and drinks from a selection of different stands. I got the best bratwurst I’ve ever had, and then we walked around the city for several more hours, buying snacks and souvenirs. Munich is a city that I’m definitely going to go back and explore on our free day next Friday. 

Surprisingly, we found our way back to the city hall and back to Brad. The dinner was fantastic, but suddenly Brad realized we were about to miss our train home. We sprinted through the streets of Munich, dodging Mercedes left and right to make it to the station. I heroically stuck my arm through the door of the train just as they closed, and my friends cheered as the train drove away with all hands on deck. 

After a speedy train ride back to Augsburg, we went and got gelato down town and went for a walk. What an jam-packed day!

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