Heutige Abenteuer: Dachau

Today was a tough day for all of us. We visited the concentration camp, Dachau, and although I expected it to be a powerful experience, I still was not prepared for today’s cultural visit. Entering the gates of the concentration camp was nothing like what I expected it to be. It was a huge open area with some buildings and pebbles as the ground. Honestly, it wasn’t scary at all. However, as our tour progressed and we started hearing stories about the camp, seeing pictures from the past, and entering the buildings, it became a lot more horrifying. A few things I learned that were pretty interesting (terrible, still) were that there were around 45,000 deaths at the camp, in the beginning, there were no jewish people in the camp for 2.5 years, and there was only one mass murder at the camp. Dachau wasn’t an extermination camp and people weren’t sent there to be murdered in large masses in the gas chambers. Hitler built those camps in the territories he overtook and not Germany. The worst part of the trip for me was walking through the bunkers. Imagining being trapped in a small room isolated from everyone else is the loneliest and most horrifying form of torture to me. After the camp, we got some delicious buttered pretzels (yum!) and sandwiches and then headed back to the hotel for some free time. I spent my free time working on my final SGL Group presentation with my group and took a relaxing night because I haven’t had one of those in a while.

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